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End of Watch: Tuesday, April 6, 1971

Deputy Walker was shot and killed while he and his partner were escorting three prisoners to a dentist's office. Two of the prisoners were handcuffed together awaiting their turn. As Deputy Walker unlocked the handcuffs to take one of them to the exam room the two prisoners attacked him. During the scuffle the third prisoner went out the door with the other deputy in pursuit. One of the two attacking prisoners was able to take control of Deputy Walker's gun and shot the other deputy through a glass door as he was taking the third prisoner into custody at gunpoint.

The prisoner who shot the deputy then took his revolver as well and shot Deputy Walker as he attempted to access his backup weapon. The two attacking prisoners escaped as the third prisoner called the sheriff's office to report the incident. The two escapees were later apprehended and one was subsequently killed in prison during another escape attempt. The second suspect was sentenced to life in prison. The wounded deputy recovered from his wounds.

Deputy Walker had been with the agency for three years. He was survived by his wife, three daughters, parents, and two brothers. 
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